Chapter 1501 A Job for Katherine

The next day, Gustavo decides to put Angela’s option into practice. She's right, Katherine stays at home all day doing nothing, just eating, sleeping, and making love to him. Expenses have increased because of her, now she has to help with the bills.

So, over breakfast, he starts the conversation, “Kate, today I'm going to get a job for you. What can you do besides sex?”

Katherine chokes on her coffee and coughs violently to clear her throat, “Cof, cof! What? Do you by any chance think I am worthless?”

Gustavo responds with an ironic smile, “Okay, show me your work card full of stamps from countless companies.”

Katherine is embarrassed. Did she only come into the world to be despised and humiliated? “Ehr... I don't even have a work card. Remember that I came from the countryside to marry Josias.”

Gustavo rolls his eyes, “Okay, don't start the litany again. I'll recommend you a job at Ramos Supermarket. As you have no experience, maybe Roberto Reis will give you a light and easy job, s
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