Chapter 1503 Trying to Impress

Uélton gets up and strokes his wife's hair.

“Don't worry, my love. That evil woman will do nothing with it. Unless she wants to lose everything she has achieved so far.”

“The mansion, the title of Mrs. Rocha, the bastard's paternal acknowledgment...” Flavia nods, “Yes, if Josias knows she's against you, he'll send her back to the Capital.”

“Yes, so she becomes friends with Pamela and Vera Reis.” Uélton jokes.

Flavia also gets up, “Sometimes I wonder if these two have found normal jobs or are acting like prostitutes to make ends meet.”

“Beto tells Josias that Vera Reis 'works' as a striper in an illegal nightclub, where clients force her to get drunk, use drugs, and have sex with her. So she is no more than forty.”

Flavia shakes her head, the subject is unpleasant for her, “Anyway, honey, let's forget about these whores and mind our own business, okay? Our son is turning nine and he needs his dad there more than ever.”

Uélton and Flávia exchange a light kiss.


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