Chapter 1511 The Problem of Stardom

Melissa is talking to Flávia and Isabel about the fear she has about Angela and Uélton.

“Nothing gets out of my head that that weird girl wanted something bad with my dear big-eared.”

Melissa hides her laugh by covering her mouth with her hand, “Cousin, don't be paranoid. Come, let's go to the studio where my soap opera is being recorded.”

The three ladies go to the protagonist's house. She is poor, but she will fall in love with the rich heartthrob.

Flávia calms down when she sees the scenery, “You know I'm an unconditional fan of your show, Melissa. You look like you were born for this.”

“Well, thank you very much.”

Flávia quickly turns to Isabel, “Your soap opera is also good, dear mother-in-law!”

Isabel laughs, “I'm not jealous.”

Flávia sits on one of the sofas and the camera is right in front of her, “So this is where our heroine thrills viewers with her beautiful performance.”

“Exactly.” Melissa feels that Flávia is deflecting the subject, “You know, Flávia, I think you and Uélt
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