Chapter 1510 Stop the Crowd Against

Jack and Veronica were talking on the phone. She was very excited about the interview she had at LCN and is buoyant with hope.

“Jack, you needed to see that dark, hot director! I think I could fall in love with him, so he would give me major roles in LCN soap operas!”

Jack takes it all as a joke, “Why don't you fall in love with him sincerely?”

“Well, you know the perfect marriage between famous people only works in the commercials we shot,” Veronica speaks irresponsibly.

Francisco enters the room and turns on the radio. The song “Alright” by Supergrass makes their apartment even more lively.

“But you can be the exception, having a perfect and lasting marriage with Mr. Oliveira." Jack hints.

“No, I prefer to leave the doors open for now.” Veronica implies that she wants to marry Jack.

But Jack doesn't take the hint, “Okay, mate, I'm praying for you. Now I have to go, they found a replacement for you at the agency.”

“Who's the bitch—” Veronica realizes that Jack has already hung up. Sh
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