Chapter 1512 The Anguish

At LCN studios, Melissa and Isabel are shocked when they discover that someone was recording Flávia. The lady gets up from the couch and goes over to the cameraman.

“What kind of clowning is this, young man?”

The cameraman is startled, “Excuse me, weren't you ladies auditioning for new characters? I thought it was part of the selection process!”

Isabel calms down and laughs, “It's not that. Flavia is my daughter-in-law and she just sat on the couch. We were talking that had nothing to do with 'Love Just Happens'."

“In this case, ‘Sweet Love’.” The cameraman kindly corrects her.

“Diego, don't worry, Flavia won't be upset. It was a misunderstanding.” Melissa solves the problem.

Flávia is annoyed, “If my husband finds out that I'm kissing soap opera heartthrobs, he'll ask for a divorce!”

Diego ventures, “But you never thought of being an actress?”

“Shall we talk somewhere else, Melissa?” Flavia asks angrily.

Melissa looks at her watch and again remembers that it was a gift from Josias, “
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