Chapter 1519 We'll Hire You

At Café Montanha, still undergoing renovations, Francisco is outraged to hear Bernardo's theory echoing from the mouth of one of his nephews.

“Daryl, how could you have the nerve to think such a thing?” He denies the thesis, “Are you thinking your mother is a slut?”

“I didn't think of anything else.” Daryl scrutinizes Francisco, “Even because I don't know anything about it. Did something happen between you two?”

“Nothing happened!” Francisco gets up and breathes with difficulty, “Your mother remained faithful to your father, and I to your aunt. There is no swap of couples in our youth, what a horror!”

Daryl tries but can't help giggling, “Sorry Uncle, but imagining the scene...”

Rodrigo revolts, “Don't imagine it, cousin, respect your mother.”

“I can’t believe Bernardo decided to go along with that insinuation!” Francisco sits down again.

Daryl decides to reveal to them, “It wasn't Bernie. It was Maggie who showed up yesterday to inform me and Kelvin that you had a conversation with h
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