Chapter 1518 I Don't Wanna Be a Actress

At Marçal Publishing, Maggie and Veronica are in front of Bernardo to discuss the magazine's article.

“Veronica, you are part of the family.” Bernardo nods with a smile, “I think it's a good idea for you to appear in the magazine, so you explain to your fans why you're not acting with Jack Motta in the Rocha Constructions commercials anymore.”

Veronica is a little apprehensive, “Will the fans like the answer?”

“It wasn't a gross event, was it?” Bernardo raises an eyebrow.

“Well...” Veronica scratches her head like she has lice, “I misinterpreted a talk from the director. He wanted me to study acting like Jack and I thought he was criticizing me.”

Bernardo drums his fingers on the desk, “Oh my dear... what a pity. But you intend to take acting classes, do you?”

Veronica looks at Maggie and her cousin slowly nods, encouraging her.

“That will be on my targets for 1995.”

“1995 is speeding by, Veronica.” Bernardo jokes, “If we stall, we will already be in December without meeting our goals
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