Chapter 1520 The Fated Couple

Maggie and Diane start talking about what Daryl told his girlfriend about Shirley and Bernardo.

“Maggie, as your older brother's girlfriend, you know I end up listening to their complaints. I don’t stay indifferent and I worry about what you guys are going through.”

Maggie isn't comfortable with that, “Excuse me, but don't you think you should worry about your family's affairs? How was that thing about your cousin, Pamela Chaves?”

“It was resolved, our family and Melissa's family reconciled.” Diane doesn't lose her composure, “That's why I have time to worry about my boyfriend.”

“Daryl doesn't need to worry so much.” Maggie asserts nonchalantly.

“This is not true. Maggie, think fondly about making peace with your mother. When your brother and I get married, I want to invite everyone.”

Maggie rages, “That's out of the question! If you invite my mother, don’t waste time sending me an invite.”

Diane raises her eyebrows, “Do you intend to miss your brother's wedding?”

“If you want a peace
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