Chapter 1523 Problem Solved

Josias nods like a teacher who catches his student pranking in the back of the class, “Vernon, you like to cause trouble, huh?”

Vernon lets out a chuckle, “I'm like this, what can I do? I love strong emotions.”

“Who are we talking about this time?” Josias looks at Elza.

“We're talking about Katherine.” Elza responds by looking at the clock on the wall, “I hired her, but the lazybones didn't show up for work.”

Elza cleverly omits that she called Katherine at the last minute.

Josias frowns, “That girl should go back to the country. It would be the best thing for all of us. The problem is, the only person who could stop her is also here.”

“Who?” Vernon asks.

“Jock Russo, her cover husband. He's quite robust and attractive, he might as well put out her fire.”

“But the boy also wants to try life in the big city,” Elza responds by guessing the former foreman's mind.

“And can I blame him? If anyone denounces Ephraim Bezerra, Jock will also be arrested for being an accomplice.”

“OK...” Elza s
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