Chapter 1524 The Bed is Empty

Katherine rubs it in the face of the enemies that she managed to arrive in fifty minutes, “See? Madam ordered me to arrive in an hour and I arrived with ten minutes to go!”

“But my mom was about to tell Jane to fire you, which means you're late!” Josias thunders.

Katherine breaks the snobbish smile and outrages, “What? She perfectly told me to arrive in an hour! Why did you hire me, you common old woman?”

Elza puts her hand on her glabella, “To have the pleasure of firing you, you insolent! And apparently, that won't be long. Why did you come to my office?”

Katherine again feels lost and dazed, “But... if I don't come here, how would you know I came at the appointed time?”

Elza doesn't answer and confuses Katherine's mind, “It turns out that ten minutes from now the hired maids will have training with the head of staff in her office! Go now to Mrs. Rosales!”

“And who is Mrs. Rosales? Where is her room?”

“NINE MINUTES!” Elza screams like the lioness and Katherine escapes leaving her so
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