Chapter 1527 A possibility

Josias and his partners are talking about the possibility of expanding Rocha Constructions.

He continues, “Let's look at the benefits of setting up a second office in Victoria: we have two teams of builders just in the capital, one led by our friend Milton. We have projects and clients that call here, wanting to have their homes built or renovated. We can expand HR there as well.”

Tiago nods, “Yes, we can handle the hiring and firing of employees who live in and around the capital. Less work for Vânia and her helpers here.”

“Then it's settled!” Josias pretends he slammed a hammer with a clenched hand on the table, “Meeting adjourned.”

All gentlemen get up. Tiago approaches Igor.

“Little brother, don’t you want to take the opportunity to be the legal representative of Victoria’s teams?”

Igor is surprised, “Me, working in the capital? Why?”

Tiago smiles mischievously, “Because someone told me that Stacy Moreira is still single.”

Igor raises his eyebrows pleasantly, “Really? Did our boys
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