Chapter 1528 I Need to Go

Josias returns to Rocha Constructions and finds Angela at the desk with a new hairstyle and well-groomed skin.

"Good morning, my love!" He greets her, “I can see that the SPA did you good.”

“Yes, thank God. It’s a wonderful place, dear, I advise you to go.”

Josias leans down and kisses her lightly, fearing to spoil the work done, “Melissa is also looking forward to going with you.”

Angela breaks her smile and has a slight tremor, “And how does she know I went to the SPA?”

“She called the mansion, but you were already gone.” Josias responds calmly, “So I informed her. Oh, and there's more: she confirmed her presence at our wedding.”

Angela gets more scared, “Didn't she say she was going?”

“Angie, her parents said she was uncomfortable showing up at the mansion. Remember, she was my first girlfriend and wife. Now she's slowly getting over what she's been through, living in the penthouse again and getting engaged to Kelvin.”

Angela forces a smile and reassurance that she didn't have, “OK
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