Chapter 1526 Time for More Expansions!

Josias is embarrassed to hear Melissa inform him that she intends to bring Kelvin to the penthouse. Melissa senses his nervousness.

“Hello? Josias, are you still there?”

“Yes, Melissa, I heard.”

“But as seen, you didn't approve of the idea.”

Josias clears his throat, “Melissa, I have no right to stop you from doing anything. You guys already changed the name of my old penthouse, it’s only fair that Kelvin moves there.”

Melissa smiles and her tone is reassuring, “Don't worry, Josias, Kelvin will sleep in another room. In fact, he was quite embarrassed by my request.”

Josias reassures himself, “He knows the great responsibility he has.”

“Okay, Josias, that's what I wanted to say. Let Angie know when she gets back.”

“See you around, Melissa. Bye.”

“Goodbye.” Melissa turns off the phone and radio. She looks at her wristwatch, a gift from Josias...


At Crystal Blue, Frederick and Benjamin clean tables and chat.

Benjamin complains, “My stepsister escaped from some forceful acting. I t
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