Chapter 1533 Doubling Down

A few more days passed. It's time for Angela and Melissa's bachelor party.

At the Rocha mansion, Angela went over the details with Lilian.

“Lilian, here is the updated list of guests for my reception.” Angela hands him the list.

“Reception or party, madam?” Lilian questions her, intrigued. Then she reads the list and narrows her eyes, “Aren't you missing Melissa Campos and her mom?”

“No, they were removed from the list and our lives, God willing.” Angela stomps away.

Lillian frowns. Ernesto appears next.

“What is it, woman?”

Lilian makes sure no one else will hear, “Let's go over there in that corner.”

They hide behind the stairs and Lilian whispers, “The mistress scratched Melissa and Dora from the bachelor party.”

“This can only be bullshit!” Ernesto snatches the guest list, “And I'm not finding Flavia and Isabel.”

“And now, what are we going to do?” Lilian senses trouble that the people mentioned are not invited.

Ernesto ponders like a problem solver. What to do?


The big pro
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