Chapter 1541 More Boycott Members

Flávia goes to Teodoro's building as previously mentioned. The lobby radio is playing “No More ‘I Love You’s’,” an Annie Lennox song. Diane is taking care of the place, and collecting rent from a tenant.

“Thank you so much for keeping the rent up to date.” Diane thanks him and sees Flávia, “Hello, Flávia! Any news?"

“I came to talk to your uncles, but it's good that you're here too.” Flavia leans against the counter, “All Angela's guests will boycott her bachelorette party.”

Diane is shocked, “Why? What happened?”

Cristina leaves the hallway, coming from the canteen, “Hi, Flávia. Why is Diane gaping?”

“Cristina, let's all not attend Angela's bachelorette party as a form of protest.”

“And what did she do to deserve this?” Cristina crosses her arms.

“She's attacking Melissa, having fits of jealousy,” Flavia responds with indignation.

Cristina and Diane are also outraged.

“But, hadn't they worked it out, gotten over it?” Diane is perplexed, “I thought they became friends.”

“Since Everald
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