Chapter 1540 What's Going On?

At the entrance of Rocha Constructions, Josias and Uélton want to know what happened to Isabel to be so upset.

Uélton takes both her hands, “Mom, please, who upset you? Or do I need to ask?”

“Son, her fiancé is right behind you,” Isabel speaks with fear.

“Isabel, you can speak without fear,” Josias assures in a firm voice.

Isabel looks at Josias, “We had a falling out with Angie. But don't worry, tonight we'll be at her little party.”

Josias smiles calmly, “OK. Remember that Ernesto and Lilian will be there to guarantee access for everyone. Excuse me, I need to speak with the Bento brothers.”

Josias enters the company. Uélton leads Isabel to the elevator.

“Mother, now tell your dear son what REALLY happened.”

Isabel sighs in distress, “Son, that woman has gone mad! It seems that she has realized that she has no future with Josias but she wants to force it at all costs! She even said she's going to plan for David to be the CEO of this company.”

Uélton is outraged, “This is impossible!
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