Chapter 1542 Men Revolt
Kelvin is upset when he overhears Melissa confessing that she and Angela are not getting along.

“What is happening, sweetie? I had a great day at the restaurant, and meanwhile, you're suffering?”

Melissa hugs Kelvin, “No honey, don't blame yourself. You have your routine, your duty. I am a clumsy fool.”

“It's also not your fault that the other person has decided to be insecure at this point, with the wedding approaching.”

Melissa pulls away, “How crazy, isn't it? Everaldo’s prophecy made her freak out.”

“Everaldo's prophecy says that you and Josias will be happy: you with me and Josias with Angela.”

Melissa gets more distressed. Should she reveal the true interpretation?

Melissa decided it wasn't time yet and so she gets right on the party thing, “Anyway, all the women sympathize with me and boycotted her bachelorette party.”

“And I need to go to Josias's bachelor party. I am not aware of any boycotts.”

Melissa smiles, “You guys deserve to have fun.”

“Well, I'm going to take
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