Chapter 1549 The Necessary Conversation

Monday. Elza is typing on the computer, well into her work. Her office door opens and Jane walks in with a serious expression.

“Mrs. Queiroz, your son wishes to speak with you.”

“Allow him in, Jane, thank you.”

Jane makes room and Josias enters, saying good morning to the secretary. After she closes the door, the son faces his mother.

Elza raises her head, “Son, I already told you that I fax you the hotel's financial report.”

“I didn't come to talk about the hotel's finances, Mom. Your secretary has already done that.” Josias answers seriously.

Elza smiles slightly, “So you came to talk about what I called you yesterday.”

Josias pulls out a chair and sits down, “Mom, what's going on with everyone? Suddenly, everyone turned against my marriage.”

Elza takes a deep breath, “Son, facts have arisen that have put Angie in an unfavorable light.”

“I don't believe the slander of haters at all!” Josias quickly responds, outraged.

“Calm down, son!” Elza is amazed, “Whoever told me wasn't a hater
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