Chapter 1550 Disturbance of Others' Peace
Josias is reassured when Elza informs him that Melissa wants to remain engaged to Kelvin.

“Good, Mom.” He smirks like a fool, “I wouldn't be able to ask Melissa to come back to me after all the shenanigans I've inflicted on her. She suffered a lot, first because of my two adulteries, second because of my supposed death. I left her in the dark to investigate that rogue Ephraim Bezerra.”

“By the way, his daughter is working here as a maid,” Elza remembers him.

Josias smiles from the corner of his mouth, “You didn't miss your chance, huh? Is she even doing a good job?”

“So far, Mrs. Rosales had no complaints. I just hope she doesn't push her luck.” Elza looks for complaints in Mrs. Rosales’ report, but there aren't.

“Back to the subject, Mom, it made me sad to see everyone talking about Everaldo's prophecy and Kelvin just listening. Everyone talked as if he wasn't there.”

Elza suspects that Uélton still hasn't told Josias about the true interpretation of the prophecy, "Have you been
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