Chapter 1548 Can't Kill Everaldo

Josias enters the mansion and hears Angela's cry echoing through the halls. He quickens his steps and goes to the ballroom.

There, the radio is off, the drink is hot, and flies are landing on the food. Angela is lying on a couch that looks like a psychiatrist's couch, sobbing and crying incessantly.

Josias addresses her, "My love... Angie, I'm so sorry—"

“It was that slut, it was Melissa!” Angela screams madly, “While you were worried about me not letting her in, she didn't even want to come! She didn’t come and convince everyone to boycott my beautiful party!”

Angela continues to shake and sob. Josias wiggles.

“Angie, my bachelor party was a failure too. But nobody said it was Melissa's idea.”

“Of course it was her idea, honey, for God's sake, don't be blind!” She screams through her tears.

“I'm trying to open my eyes!” Josias asserts, “Until hours ago, I thought everyone agreed with our union.”

“That damn Everaldo!” Angela straightens up on the divan, “I'm going to kill him, do you
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