Chapter 1553 I Only Want Your Good

Elza is walking through the hotel corridors, checking that things are in order, until Vernon finds her.

“Hey, my dear! The maids said you were here.” He kisses her on the cheek, “I hope this article is good enough for all of us.”

Elza smiles and takes the newspaper that her husband handed her. But the smile slowly fades as she reads the article.

“Honey, are you going to...” She asks fearfully, “Are you going to talk about Angie's failed bachelorette party?”

“I told you, honey.” Vernon smiles slyly, “People need to know the truth.”

“I talked to Josias.” She sighs, “He's still shocked by our slights, but he's pleased with Melissa committing to sticking with Kelvin.”

“Darling, I think Josias is going to get himself into trouble marrying that little minx. I know they have a son, but Josias already takes care of all of David's needs.” Vernon opines with a serious face.

Elza nods, worried, “And I think further: Angela might be able to get rid of J.J, wanting David to be the sole heir.”

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