Chapter 1552 Unfair Trade

Uélton and Jock are surprised to see that Josias is threatening to fire his best friend because of Angela.

Uélton defends himself as best he can, “Josias, you are taking this too far.”

“Am I the one who keeps saying I'll make two more people unhappy? Isn't it enough that I broke Melissa's heart?” Josias asserts gruffly.

“You can heal Melissa's heart by marrying her again.” Uélton insists, almost begging.

“And how got Kelvin and Angela in this story?” Josias smiles wryly.

“Kelvin is a good guy, he can get another girl.” Uélton responds as if everything were so simple, “As for Angela, I really don't care how she turns out. She is to blame for you getting divorced.”

“But she mothered one of my children. David is not to blame for anything.” Josias remembers him.

“Neither Alan nor Caroline, but they are the ones who suffered the most.” Uélton says, “However, that's not what it's about. What do the pictures I took of Jock have to do with all this?”

Josias smiles from the corner of his mouth
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