Chapter 1554 The Wisdom of the Maid

At Café Montanha, Rodrigo brought a radio to set the scene while his customers have a basic snack. At this moment, the song “Fairground”, by Simply Red, cheered up those who had a very tasty coffee.

The only ones who didn't get excited were Shirley and Kelvin, relatives of the cafeteria owner.

Kelvin scowled in anger when he heard his mother ask him to break off his engagement to Melissa, “Mom, have you lost your mind?”

“Son, you know I love you.” Shirley tries to explain herself, “I wouldn't ask this if I knew it was best for everyone.”

“For everyone?” Kelvin retorts in disbelief.

“Yes, because I'm afraid of Everaldo's prophecy.” Shirley finally explains why.

Kelvin, hearing his mother, chuckles and takes both her hands, “Mom, don't worry. Melissa will be happy with me, as Everaldo said.”

“No, son, we got it wrong. Everaldo told Uélton that the correct interpretation of the prophecy—”

“OK, I understand.” Kelvin gently interrupts his mother, “Uélton talked about it at the bachelor par
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