Chapter 1558 The Concubine's Fault

Isabel and Harold are also bursting with laughter when they read the report about Angela having spent the afternoon at the slammer, according to their perspective. Uélton appears at this moment.

"Hello, mother! Hello, dad. What's so funny that you're red from laughing?"

Harold organizes his breathing as if he were Jennifer Holliday, “Son, your father almost had a heart attack from laughing. Your best friend's fiancée is still called a 'concubine' by the media!”

Uélton realizes that their parents read the news in the newspaper, but remains serious, which only makes the scene funnier, “And where is the mistake?”

Isabel's stomach hurts as she giggles more, “Stop it, son, I can't take it anymore.”

Uélton gives a slightly ironic smile, “What does the report say?”

Harold picks up the newspaper that has been scattered on the floor, “Angela Souza got into trouble in the Rocha penthouse and ended up behind bars for an afternoon to learn not to be a troublemaker anymore.”

“Was it Melissa who ca
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