Chapter 1559 Moving to Green Park

Uélton and his parents decide to change the subject.

“Dad, I came here to discuss the proposal you guys made about me moving here.” Uélton solemnly talks, “Actually, Flávia was reading the real estate ads today.”

Harold smiles, “Son, I understand that our old house brings back childhood and teenage memories. But life has changed, the time has passed, and our economic situation has improved surprisingly.”

Isabel adds affectionately, “That's why, dear son, we think you should leave our little house in the favela behind and think about your future with your family.”

Harold concludes, “A man of your position, on the salary you earn, can't go on living in a place like Happiness Slum. Someone could be capable of getting you robbed or breaking into your house if they find out how your bank account is stuffed.”

Uélton laughs, “Years ago I was loaded with debts, remember? My friends donated to help me with the wedding party.”

Isabel kisses her son's cheek, “Yes, we remember. But that's in the
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