Chapter 1560 I Don't Have to Choose

Uélton is now at the construction site, guiding the electricians' team. They are inside the room that will be the bathroom. Uélton has some circuit breakers on hand.

“Guys, do you know what these pieces are for?” He asks masterfully and pedagogically, attracting the attention of the helpers, “This beauty avoids overloads and short circuits in the shower. If this occurs, the circuit breaker automatically turns off and interrupts the electrical flow.”

The helpers nod and gape as if Uélton is the wisest electrician on Earth. But Uélton learned all this in the course he took at SENAC.

After giving instructions on how to install the circuit breakers, Uélton walks into the house under construction and finds his radio with batteries. He turns it on and the song “I Wanna Take Forever Tonight” by Peter Cetera fills the atmosphere.

Adolfo comes from Ferreira Hotel and greets his son-in-law, “Uélton, I have good news. My son is moving to Victoria to study gastronomy.”

“Wow, how chic!” Uélton rej
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