Here Comes the Lord

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Here Comes the Lord

By: Anderson José OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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After saving a beautiful businesswoman from being drugged and abused by the general manager, Mark Ferro, the company janitor, finds himself in an unusual situation where he needs to marry the beauty. He promises to protect her and help her in her life. Although she accepts him as her husband, the businesswoman wondered: what a janitor could do so extraordinary for her? However, she didn't know who she had married and the stroke of luck she had...

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  • Angela Graham


    I love Mark Ferro already. I know how you write so I’m looking forward to your timely updates. Started on a good foot. K it going

    2024-04-19 03:42:40
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Chapter 1 Wedding Anniversary
"Mark, we need to talk right now." Mark Ferro, coming home from work in his janitor uniform, was surprised by his wife Celia's words. He expected to greet her lovingly and give her a gift. Tomorrow, they would celebrate their first wedding anniversary. "Yes, Celia. I'm listening," Mark closed the door, approaching her. Celia's facial expression, however, didn't invite Mark to affection and hugs. She stood with crossed arms, her face indicating anger, a desire to vent. "Mark, we need to end this deplorable situation in our lives," Celia continued, "You and I work in the lowest positions at the company, we barely have enough to eat, and you can't give me what I need, let alone what I want, for a long time." Mark swallowed hard, understanding his wife's words. "I know, dear, but—" "That's why I've already decided. I want a divorce!" Celia didn't even give Mark a chance to try to argue. Her words echoed in Mark's mind for a few seconds. He thought Celia was just going to complai
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Chapter 2 Wrong Timing to Get Divorced
The package was red and heart-shaped, very romantic to match the occasion.Mark waited for her to open it. However, Celia, in uncontrolled rage, threw the package into the kitchen trash can where they were! "Celia! What does this mean?" Mark couldn't contain himself. "What do you think? I'm getting rid of these cheap gifts bought at the stationery shop! Is this how you want to save our marriage?" Celia retorted. "You didn't even open the package! Don't you want to know what's inside?" Mark approached the trash can. "If you take the package out of the trash, keep it! I don't want anything reeking like garbage! That's the last thing I need!" Frustrated and unable to take it anymore, Celia went to her room and slammed the door shut. Mark, scared, retrieved the package from the trash bin. He hoped the contents wouldn’t be broken. Discouraged, Mark decided to go to the bathroom with the contents. Once inside, he closed the door and sat down on the latrine. The wrapping was undon
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Chapter 3 Now I Pronounce You Divorced
The next day, Mark decided to go to the Braspolis City Registry Office to carry out the desired divorce.They barely had the energy to eat breakfast. Mark even thought that, with Celia discouraged, perhaps she hadn’t been serious.So, inside the car, he turned to her. “Are you sure, honey?”“Sure about what?”“About what do you want to do? You look sadder and more depressed than you did before you came up with this ridiculous idea—”“Start the car already! The neighbors are watching.” Celia put on her seat belt.It wasn’t this time that they would go by car. The engine, as if it were on Mark’s side, didn’t work at all, spluttering and making horrendous noises.Celia got out of the car furious. “Ah, that’s just what I needed!”“I’ll call the mechanic,” Mark said calmly.“Forget it. I don’t want to be another second late for the registry office!” Celia turned on her heel and left the parking lot.Mark had no choice but to follow her. He found himself at the bus stop.The bus appeared an
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Chapter 4 After Love Is Gone
Outside the registry office, Celia seemed to want to walk aimlessly along the sidewalk.Some would say she was thinking about the next stage of her life.Mark, however, didn't want to leave things as they were. He rushed outside and caught up with her."Celia!""For the love of Christ, Mark! Leave me alone, we are no longer married!" Celia yelled furiously."I know!" Mark grabbed her arm, forcing her to look at him. "But can't we even say goodbye?""Why?" Celia asked disdainfully."The judge must have thought you were escaping from a violent husband." Mark asserted, releasing her arm."I sincerely hope the judge thinks the worst of you!" Celia retorted."I didn't expect you to have such a low opinion of me." Mark lamented as he watched his now ex-wife."Mark, understand once and for all: I don't want anything to do with you anymore, I don't want to see you anymore, and I don't want to hear your voice anymore! Marrying you was the worst thing that ever happened to me!""You can't be se
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Chapter 5 Trading a Cat for a Hare
“Did you free yourself?” Adrian widened his eyes with pleasure.“Yes, now we are free.” Celia looked at Mark with contempt.“Did you hear that, Mark?” Adrian pressed the handbrake and got out of the car, “I hope you listened. We’re making everything clear before you see us at the company and make a jealous scene.”Mark noticed the ‘before you see us’ part and concluded that Celia had managed to get promoted in the company.Celia worked as the girl who delivered water and coffee to higher-ranking employees.To see the general manager's son, however, she’d have to be at least a secretary!Seeing how Celia behaved with Adrian, Mark concluded that Celia had chosen Adrian to be his new companion!But how could it be?Mark was tall and had a fit body, not too muscular, but to the extent that pleases the female sex.If he wore more trendy clothes and hairstyles, he could pass as a celebrity.Meanwhile, Adrian, in addition to being devoid of beauty, had a beer belly and crooked teeth even tho
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Chapter 6 I Came to Get You
Mark’s concern about the accident only lasted a few seconds after seeing that it had not caused any major consequences. Still, it was very embarrassing for Adrian to crash his car into a RAM truck that was traveling smoothly, without dreaming that he would be hit by a careless driver. Adrian got out of the car and immediately went to the owner of the other car, “Did you buy your driver’s license and it came in the mail?” The driver of the other car squinted. “What are you talking about, man? You were the one who strayed from your lane! You weren’t looking ahead!” Mark smiled slightly. Indeed, Adrian had parked on the wrong side (the driver’s seat would never be parallel to the sidewalk but in the middle of the street) and when he was supposed to get out, he got distracted because he wanted to provoke Mark. The driver of the other car got out and started arguing with Adrian. Celia noticed that the driver was wearing light clothes, probably returning from a camping trip with friend
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Chapter 7 Mess in the Hallway
Mark asked Linda to take him to the company where he and Celia worked. Upon arriving at the imposing building with a dark blue glass facade, Mark was going to ask for a favor... But Linda was an efficient secretary and promptly parked in the back of the company instead of going to the building's parking lot. "Lord Ferro, I know you don't want to be recognized." Linda turned off the engine. "Thank you for your discretion, Miss Mattes. But none of this will be necessary anymore." "Why?" Linda asked as she got out of the car. She walked around and opened the door for Mark to get out. He answered as he got out, "The people in this company don't know, but I am the true owner of it. I bought it to give to Celia after we celebrated our first wedding anniversary." Linda was shocked. "She was going to receive this company on a silver platter?" The company they were talking about is a famous fashion world publisher. The company, called 'Glamour,' started with a weekly magazine, but then
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Chapter 8 No Justice Anymore
Mark squinted at Anthony Curtis. Something is really off on this day.Could it be possible that Anthony was trying to please his son, knowing that he is dating Celia, and decided to punish her ex-husband for something he didn't do?How else to explain this scathing injustice?Anthony, still with a serious look, turned to the other employees."Well done! The guy is not working, so he doesn't deserve his salary!" João exclaimed, laughing uncontrollably.Laughter echoed throughout the hallway.Anthony knew that Mark was an exemplary employee. Often, he would go above and beyond to keep a good impression on his superiors.If Mark has a fit body and toned muscles, it is due to the hard work of his profession.However, everyone had a prejudice against Mark for being poor and for his appearance.In a company that worked with fashion and physical appearance, Mark always seemed to stand out from the image Glamour wanted to portray to the public.But Anthony was not stupid. If he only punished
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Chapter 9 'Disciplining' the Janitor?
Mark couldn't believe things were escalating to this point. Not only had he become divorced overnight, but now several employees from the company where he worked had taken the day to mock and unjustly accuse him. Something inside of him said that what Anthony Curtis had just done was an indirect favor for his son, now that he was with Celia. "What are you doing standing there, janitor?" João wouldn't leave Mark alone. "Are you thinking of quitting?" "It's better to take João's suggestion," Mary Ellen neighed. "You have no future here anymore." "Unless you want to see your beloved ex-wife happy with another guy every day," Gisléne added, making the others laugh. Mark seemed immune to the employee's provocations. If they expected a violent reaction from the janitor, they would be disappointed. A smile creeping up on Mark's right corner of his lips made the group stop laughing. "What's so funny?" João asked indignantly. "The funny thing is that you guys lost a day's salary by ki
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Chapter 10 Keep Up the Good Work
"Miss, do you know this guy?" João pointed at Mark with disgust."I don't know him intimately," she replied, "But he is not entirely unfamiliar to me.""IMPOSSIBLE!" Mary Ellen screamed, "You and he come from completely different worlds!"Gisléne stepped forward, "Miss, let me explain: this guy, although he is not wearing a uniform, is the most deplorable janitor in our company. The other janitors at least manage to keep their uniforms clean, but Mark insists on keeping his always dirty and grimy." Mark smiled ironically. His uniform was the dirtiest because Celia always dumped it into the sink and used it as a mop every time he had hand-washed it. To make matter worse, Celia forbade Mark from using the washing machine because she didn't want his uniform to stain her clothes. João added salt to the wound, "Furthermore, he made us lose a day's pay today, so we need to straighten things out with him." The lady disagreed with the views of the others, "Excuse me, but I thought I was e
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