Chapter 1561 No War

Josias enters Rocha Constructions with an angry face after the argument with Angela. Octavio is embarrassed to greet him.

“Good morning, Josias... how... how are you?”

Josias notices he's scaring people away and tries to calm down, “Sorry, Octavio. I argued with Angela. No, it is not Everaldo’s prophecy being fulfilled in Uélton’s interpretation.”

Octavio tries not to bring it up, “I know, it's the classic argument between couples. When I'm married, maybe I'll understand you.”

Josias smiles slightly, “And when will your turn come, buddy? Sometimes I worry, I imagine your father.”

Octavio responds good-naturedly, “My father is reassured that the offspring is guaranteed thanks to Jack.”

“He's really going to marry that Veronica, huh?” Josias is unsure.

“They are getting to know each other better.” Octavio blinks.

Cristina and Moacyr pass by them.

"Oh, Josias, glad you're here." Moacyr greets him, “Today we will have a farewell party for Igor and we want your presence.”

“Count me in,” Jo
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