Chapter 1563 Admiting the Plan

At Rocha Constructions, everyone is saying goodbye to Igor.

“Guys, come to the little party tonight. It’s at Tiago’s house.” He informs them.

“We'll be there.” Octavio replies, “Can I take my dad and Jack?”

“The more people, the better,” Igor responds jokingly.

Vânia informs them, “Ben is also going to Victoria to study gastronomy. He will live with João Paulo.”

Igor nods, “May everyone’s dreams come true.”

Mr. Paterson looks at Angela's empty desk, “Where is Mr. Rocha’s fiancée?”

“She's in hell!” Vanya growls.

Tiago frowns, “Mrs. Teixeira, the person we are talking about will be your niece.”

“I already have a niece, Melissa Campos. I don't need another one.” Vânia looks around, “And where's Shirley with the butter cookies?”

At this moment, Harold and Isabel enter the company together and find the celebration in the lobby.

“Hello, everyone! What is this celebration due to?” Isabel greets them.

Igor approaches the Freire couple, smiling, “We are pre-celebrating my farewell, Mrs. Freire
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