Chapter 1562 Freedom for Good Behavior

Isabel enters Melissa's office because it was the closest place to make a call.

“Hi, Izzy, what happened?” Melissa is surprised by the urgency stamped on her friend's face.

“Melissa, can I use your phone? My husband called and it sounds like it was urgent.”

“Yes, be my guest!” Melissa holds out her desk phone.

Isabel dials the phone with trembling fingers, “Hello, Harold! Don't scare me, what happened?"

“I am in perfect health, dear, it is not now that you will become a widow.” Harold jokes, “I got a call from the Cariacica penitentiary.”

Isabel widens her eyes, “Concerning our son Wally?”

“Honey, I don't think it's in good taste to repeat the nickname created by the culprit for everything that was disgraceful in our son's life.” Harold gets serious.

“Darling, tell me what the penitentiary said...” Isabel feels a lump in her throat.

Harold senses that his wife is sad and says cautiously, “Well, you remember that our son was sentenced to ten years in prison. Well, next year will be ten
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