Chapter 1564 All Is Lost

Shirley leaves Josias's room just as Harold and Isabel want to go in to talk to him.

“Oh Shirley, people are looking for you to try that wonderful cookie you make,” Harold informs her.

“They must be talking about Igor's farewell.” Shirley smiles slightly, “A good guy...”

Shirley leaves and closes the door. Josias is interested in the visitors.

“Mr. and Mrs. Freire.” He happily greets them, “How can I help you?”

Harold excitedly announces, “Josias, the Cariacica penitentiary has contacted us. They want to release Wallace for good behavior. His sentence would end next year.”

Josias had completely forgotten that Wallace was going to be free next year. He widens his eyes and a surprised print on his face, “Oh, God... I don't know what to say!”

Isabel is beaming, “Well, say you're happy for us!”

“I'm happy.” Josias scratches the back of his head, “All I care about is the rest of the family and Lagoon City.”

Isabel wiggles, “Don’t bother. The two women who destroyed my son's life are in Vic
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