Chapter 1578 Lilian's Revenge

A few days passed. At William's house, Caio approaches the telephone that rings incessantly.


“Hello, can we speak to William Campos?” It was a male voice.

“It's my father, who wants it?”

“Municipal Traffic Department, young man.”

Caio puts the mouthpiece on the dresser and goes to his father's bedroom door. As he knocks it, he announces, “Dad, there's someone from traffic wanting to talk to you.”

William opens, totally hung over from recent events, “Who? From traffic?”

Caio shrugs and seems like he doesn't understand.

William goes into the living room in just his boxers and answers the phone, “Hello, William Campos speaking.”

“Do I have the privilege of speaking with the illustrious soccer player Will Campos?” The male voice becomes excited and amazed.

“Yes, who speaks?” William rubs his eyes with his free hand.

“This is from the Municipal Traffic Department. We located your abandoned car in the General Hospital parking lot. Can you take it out of our depot?”

William smiles i
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