Chapter 1579 Who Stole My Car?

William is at Ramos supermarket talking to Beto about what happened.

“Beto, they found my car abandoned in the General Hospital parking lot!” He exclaims excitedly, “Why did I never think to look for it there?”

Beto chuckles, “The more we are desperate, the less we think about the more obvious options.”

William is still standing, “Can I go to the DMV to get it out of storage?”

“Yes, go there. You will definitely have to fill out a lot of paperwork and formalities.”

William rolls his eyes impatiently, “Argh... I'm glad the driver's license was with me. If I knew the address of that Gustavo...”

Beto narrows his eyes, “What's that guy got to do with it?”

“I suspect it was him. I was so desperate to save my sister that I left my car keys in the ignition. And I hit the rear of his jalopy. Is it a coincidence that when he and Angela ran from the journalists, they ‘mistaken’ and got into my car instead of theirs?”

Beto smiles from the corner of his mouth and nods, “These people are trouble.
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