Chapter 1577 No Media Forgiveness

Vernon gestures and exclaims to all the journalists and Lisandro Torres, “HEY, EVERYBODY HERE, HURRY UP! MY SON CANCELED HIS WEDDING!”

Like a swarm of bees, all the journalists and Lisandro ran like crazy after this juicy news!

Angela, however, removed her high heels and ran away to avoid being humiliated by the media. She met Gustavo who couldn't stop his nosebleed.

“What happened?” He speaks in a slurred voice.

Angela grimaces as she sees the red waterfall running down Gustavo's fingers and staining his shirt, “Argh, let's go to the General Hospital before you pass out from so much blood you've lost!”

“And your fiancé?” Gustavo insists on never doing what Angela asks right away.

And that's why Angela gets impatient and tugs at him, “Let's get out of here now, or I'll leave you there bleeding to death!”

“Idiot Will Campos crashed into my car!” Gustavo whimpers instead of leaving as soon as Angela had asked.

Angela huffs and does the unthinkable: she sees that William's car had the ke
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