Chapter 1581 The New Mrs. Mountain

Monday. William shows up at his parents' house with the recovered car. One of the headlights is broken because of the crash he gave to Gustavo's car. Yet he honks proudly. Caio is with him in his school uniform.

Simeon and Dora leave and smile at the sight of their calmer son.

“Son, glad you were able to get the car back.” Dora congratulates him.

“When we really want it, we get it,” William speaks strangely as if ownership of the car depends on him and not the police in finding him in the General Hospital parking lot.

Simeon brings up the important issue, “So, are we going to have a lawsuit against a certain person?”

Dora smirks, “Now that she is no longer engaged to Josias, we can sue her at will.”

William, however, frowns and then replies, “That's where the fun was lost. Accusing Angela while she was engaged to Josias would be funnier.”

Caio giggles, “You don't get tired, huh, Dad?”

“Never, son. Let's go to school before you're late.”

William starts the engine, but Dora still manage
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