Chapter 1580 Separating Son from Mother

Josias is in the library waiting for Angela and talking to Ernesto about David's future.

“I was heartbroken when my son asked to stay.” Josias comments, leaning against the desk.

Ernesto clears his throat, “Boss, if you think it's better, ask for full custody of David, just like you did with J.J. Angela Souza is a terrible mother, and that was proved by your stepfather.”

Josias smiles. Vernon's news story buried all the reputation Angela had earned in Lagoon City.

“Well, if I try, no court or Family Court will deny my request.” Josias smiles mischievously, “The problem is, while I punish Angie, I'm seriously thinking about relieving Katherine.”

Ernesto is surprised, “Do you want to share guard again with the other viper?”

“What do you think, Ernesto?” Josias suddenly transforms himself from boss to simple friend of the secretary, “Should I give Katherine Bezerra a second chance? Or do you think her current behavior is pure pretense just to marry me?”

Ernesto ponders before replying so
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