Chapter 1582 Gustavo is Summoned

Beto visits Rocha Constructions to talk to Josias about the things that are happening.

Josias invites him to sit down, “How have you been, Beto?”

“Bad.” He grumbles, “Pamela is trying to get Rosemary to the capital. It seems that only now she remembered that she has children.”

Josias sits in the presidential chair expressing concern, “That's tough, Beto. If you need help... Remember that I am a client of Damascene Lawyers.”

Beto smiles weakly, “It's funny that Miguel has already ensured Little Theo's safety. And Pamela is playing nice by leaving only Pedro with me.”

Josias frowns, “Why separate the brothers? Argh, that Pamela was always a nutcase.”

“However, Josias, I wanted to tell you something else.” Beto is overwhelmed, “You know Gustavo is working at the supermarket. Mr. Ramos asked me to ask you what you want to do with him.”

Josias is curious about the question, “Me? I didn’t understand Mr. Ramos.”

“He wants to know if I should fire Gustavo Carvalho,” Beto explains with the det
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