Chapter 1605 She, Again?

On Tuesday, Josias finishes having breakfast with his two children.

“Boys, when you get back from school, Ernesto will take you guys to the Mountain penthouse. Alan and Caroline are waiting to play.”

“That's great,” David exclaims not so enthusiastically.

Josias senses the lack of courage, “What happened, son?”

“Dad, I miss Mom.” David answers with his head down, “Why doesn't she want to come back?”

Josias doesn't know how to respond in a way that David understands, “Son, your father and mother are not getting along.”

“Is it because of that friend?” David pouts, “I don't like him, Dad. He took my mom away!”

J.J looks at his older brother without understanding what is happening.

Josias pats David's head, “Don't worry, David. You will not be without your mother.”

David calms down and goes back to eating his ham bread.


At Uélton's house, Flávia is anxious to know how it did between him and Wallace yesterday. Uélton is listening to the song “These Days”, by Bon Jovi, as if he wants
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