Chapter 1604 How Much Consideration

In the Mountain penthouse, Maggie answers Daryl's crucial question. Melissa and Kelvin wait anxiously.

Face straight and serious, she replies, “No, Daryl. I was not a prostitute. My mother lied.”

Listeners are shocked to the extreme.

Melissa stands up abruptly, “So this is the truth? We need to speak to Bernie immediately!”

Maggie turns to her sister-in-law, “Melissa, didn't you know I already tried? I've written a thousand letters, faxed, phoned, but he seems to guess when I'm the one calling. Last week, Elza informed me that he no longer allowed my calls to be forwarded to his suite.”

Daryl wiggles, “So someone needs to visit him. Or you can go to the company, little sister.”

“Daryl is right.” Kelvin adds, “And before you got here, bro, Josias was talking about Maggie not giving up her job as editor-in-chief.”

Daryl doesn't show impatience in front of the ladies, “Okay, this needs to be sorted out too. The public still doesn’t know that the great Marçal couple is separated.”

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