Chapter 1609 Do You Still Want Him?

A few days passed. The Campos family is celebrating the renewal of ‘Sweet Love’.

At Simeon's house, Melissa is hugged by Dora.

“Daughter, what a thrill! You know your mom is the number one fan, right?”

“I believe in you, mother.” Melissa thanked her for the compliment.

Alan jokes, “Sorry, Mom, but I prefer Spider-Man.”

William, as usual, is irritating and bitter, “Good thing, kid. I was already suspicious of you.”

“WILL!” Simeon interrupts his son insulting his grandson.

Alan just shrugs and eats his piece of walnut cake.

Melissa sits next to the kids and Kelvin, “I'm seriously considering hiring Jack Motta to be a new character.”

William does ‘tsk’ with his tongue, “Oh, what do women see in this guy?”

Kelvin jokingly responds, “The same they see in you.”

Alan laughs so hard, making him choke on the piece of cake he's been chewing. Kelvin slaps him on the back to help him.

“Be careful, my little grandson.” Dora warns him, and then turns to Melissa, “If Jack Motta accepts the role, the
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