Chapter 1608 Shocking News

In the afternoon, Veronica visits Café Montanha, floating with happiness to tell Jack the news. Rodrigo notices her all joyful and laughs.

“Hey, why are you so merry?”

“Little brother, I am the happiest woman in the world!” Veronica passionately declares, “Finally, my dream will come true.”

“I'm aware that someone from the past was looking for you.” He responds by going to the coffee machine.

“Cut the 'past' one, it's making me look old.” Veronica quips, “Jack Motta will be my future. I was forgetting about him until the day he called me.”

“Don't let him know you were making out with other guys.” Rodrigo prepares two espressos.

“None of that, I was saving myself for Mr. Right, which is Jack.” Veronica sits on the stool.

Jack enters the cafeteria as agreed. He approaches and lightly touches Veronica's shoulder.

She turns to him with a bridal smile, “Jack... it's been a long time since we've seen each other...”

“Let's forget about it and start seeing each other more often.” Jack smiles
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