Chapter 1613 The Model Who Came from Building Construction

The next day, Uélton and Wallace are entering the Sunset Village construction site together. They come across a totally different Jock Russo: new-smelling denim pants and jacket, branded white T-shirt, All-Stars sneakers, and a smile modified by great dentists.

“Wow, Jock!” Uélton, as always, is the first to break the silence, “How handsome you are! Model work paid off, huh?”

“Hello, Uélton. Who is this dude?” He points to Wallace, “You two look alike.”

Wallace notices that there is a slight embarrassment on Uélton's part and introduces himself, “I am Wallace Freire, the older brother who was dead but has come back to life.”

“Don't need so much drama, bro.” Uélton opines between clenched teeth.

Jock senses the animosity, “Ehr... I hope I'm not getting into something I shouldn't.”

“There is no danger, sir.” Wallace says with a smile, “You didn't know me because I was in prison.”

“OK, I need to check on my team.” Uélton abruptly goes inside the house under construction.

Jock gets more e
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