Chapter 1617 We Need to Turn it Around

Wednesday. Francisco goes to the police station to talk to Amoreira. The hilarious detective is once again delighting in Maggiezine and gets scared with Jack's centerfold.

“Wow, what is this? Mrs. Marçal is getting bolder, huh? Did Bernardo Marçal allow this double page?” He giggles.

Francisco enters his office like a hurricane.

“Here you are! By what right do you have to detain my girlfriend?” He roars.

Amoreira looks the complainant up and down, “Huh? What are you talking about, sir...?”

“Francisco Mountain!” He barks, “I demand that you immediately release Shirley Mountain, my girlfriend!”

“She has your last name.” Amoreira jokes, “Isn't she your wife?”

Francisco turns red with rage, “She will be, for now, she is my sister-in-law.”

Amoreira is bristling with this gossip while Shirley remains in detention.


On the Mountain penthouse, Maggie is more refreshed in the dining room. Kelvin and Melissa notice this while having breakfast.

“Little sister, I perceive that your spirit i
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