Reborn As A Sovereign in Disguised!

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Reborn As A Sovereign in Disguised!

By: Sakurai Yuki OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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X, that's what he's called during the mission. The man who has become an assassin in a country suddenly gets an unexpected attack and dies in a cliché until his soul occupies the body of a poor man who only lives with his-in-laws. Dominic Louzen is a poor son-in-law who his wife does not even love. But, unfortunately, X occupies Louzen's body without getting any memories from the body owner. "Oh Shit! How can I occupy the body of a poor son-in-law like him?" Not only that, living with a fussy and demanding in-laws made X choose to leave. Relying on his killing skills to get money, X came a cross an organizations that brought him to reality. "Me, your leader?!" Who is Louzen? Is there a particular reason X occupies his body? So, how does X, who occupies a new body, begin his life journey to become the identity of Louzen?

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  • Drew Archeron


    this one is tough. it's a good plot but not my preferred pov. it's more narrator third person. again great plot and concept, but it needs to be how you prefer to read such books. mc starts as an assassin, so got me hooked there.

    2023-01-10 10:42:33
  • Queenza


    i like the story. although the plot is a bit slow, but still can be enjoyed. Especially here, Louzen's status as a survivor from a different world

    2022-12-29 07:40:47
  • Angela Shin


    This is a very interesting male lead story. You must try to read it. Yeah.. although the plot is quite slow

    2022-12-29 21:22:51
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93 chapters
Bad luck after death
X, that's what it's called. He has no name and lives in the shadow of an organization that has raised him since childhood. X lives as a working assassin receiving a special mission from the 'Cult Assassin.' The organization accepts all assassination missions with various difficulty levels.This time, X is carrying out his duties to eliminate the target, one of Russia's most extensive bar and casino owners, by a client who has paid a lot of money to the Assassin Cult.But unlucky, the information about the target needs to be corrected. The target initially thought to be just a bar and casino owner, apparently has a darker and darker identity than that.The target's true identity was an underworld ruler who ruled over part of the European Continent. Because of this, X the stuck in the game. He was stabbed cruelly and sadistically, even getting cuts and gunshot wounds to his chest until he died.His body sprawled. His blood was flowing profusely, but X couldn't do anything. He had lost b
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In an instant, have a wife
This house looks simple and quite spacious, like the houses of people from the lower middle castes. There is only one floor with several rooms. However, one thing that makes X feel comfortable is his clean and tidy house.Remembering how messy the apartment he lived in was because he was busy carrying out a mission, X smiled faintly. "It's not bad to have a wife either," he muttered.When he arrived at the living room, from the direction of the door came the woman whose face was in the wedding photo that X saw earlier carrying some plastic bags filled with groceries."Louzen? When did you wake up?" the woman asked. He put his shopping down and walked over to Louzen with a worried face.Not knowing how to act, X only chose to remain silent when the beautiful woman, the wife of the owner of the body, suddenly hugged him."Your fever has just gone down. Why have you gotten out of bed?" The woman's voice muffled as her face buried in Louzen's chest.Not wanting to be caught in an unclear
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Go to calm down. Who knows if the owner of the body is starving
Louzen's attitude instantly turned firm. Even his unstable emotions couldn't make him think why his wife had ignored him. His eyes were sharp and cold. He thought the wife of the owner of the body thought of her husband as trash!He got up from the sofa and slightly lowered his face, looking down at Lidya. "Sorry. It seems you don't need to learn to love me. I can see that you and your mother don't value me. So, why am I still here? Wouldn't it be better for me to go?""You can't do that, Zen! I know, wrong. But I'm trying to open my heart to you. How can you be that cruel and throw me away? I don't accept it!"Lidya hugged Louzen's arm tightly. No matter what, she wouldn't let Louzen go. She had already fallen in love with her husband; how could she accept being dumped?Louzen firmly let go of Lidya's hands that were clinging to his arms. He stared intently at Lydia, making her even more emotional and disgusted. "Enough, Lydia! Say nothing more. I need time to digest it all. Sorry…"
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Past Memories
After leaving the market area and leaving with the cold demeanor shown to the woman Emile, Louzen came to his senses and then remembered that he didn't ask for payment. "Bastard! I forgot not to ask for payment for the lifting service earlier. Argh! Stupid me. In that case, how do I fill my stomach?"The infinite stupidity of what happened just now made Louzen have to hold his hunger longer. He wanted to steal food, but again he was prestige.Louzen saw many cafes and 4-star restaurants along the way, which aroused his desire. But Louzen had to swallow a bitter pill and realize he had no money!The time may have shown around 03.00 pm, judging by the rising sun. However, if it is calculated, the time wasted is almost 4 hours, and again has not received any money.Reality is often beyond expectations. Louzen thought he would kill and randomly chose his target. But he thought back to the assassin's code of ethics that had made him difficult to track down.If you want your life to be long
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Meeting troublesome things
Not far from the car exiting the house gate, Louzen was looking for an opportunity to jump on top of the vehicle. He was sneaking around so he wouldn't be caught. Once they caught their attention, Louzen swiftly climbed onto the car's roof perfectly and unsuspectingly.It's not in vain all this time working as a hitman; the skill is still there even though he is now in someone else's body.Louzen lay on his stomach and pressed his palms against the car's roof to avoid falling. Even before jumping had taken off the sandals he was wearing so they wouldn't slip.During that time, Louzen just stood there waiting for the car to go. He couldn't attack when there was a woman in the car.While waiting for the car to arrive at its destination, Louzen observed that everything felt the same as the city in his old world.But why does it feel different anyway? Where it's different, Louzen has yet to find it. It was just that his intuition told him that this world was different from the world he li
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Just Started
After feeling far from the first gate, and the place he was passing was safe from surveillance cameras, he immediately gave a surprise attack by kicking the two men beside him alternately right in the solar plexus."Fuck! this is a sick idiot!" The man who fell first cursed.Both of them fell to the ground. But with just a kick, it was impossible to make both of them fall. They were about to get up, but Louzen wouldn't let them. He then stepped on their bodies repeatedly until they were battered and took a rifle in the hand of one of them, only to use it to hit the head until he was bleeding."Your heads are quite hard apparently. The weapon is even bent!" Louzen pouted. He threw away the weapon and rushed to find the key before anyone else noticed something was wrong and came with reinforcements.Louzen reached into the pockets of the vests and pants they were wearing. As his hand reached into the front pocket of his pants, he accidentally squeezed the hard mound protruding between h
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Meet Leader
'The game just started!'With one gesture, several people dressed in black appeared from various directions and pointed their rifles at Louzen.Successive attacks were inevitable. But it's not Louzen if you can't avoid it.In one move, he jumped onto the old couch, counterattacked with his rifle in hand, then ran to the right to hide behind the tall cupboard on the right side of the door.The spacious state of the room and minimal furniture made it difficult for Louzen to hide."How could he do that?" The middle-aged man who saw the incident was taken aback. Only this time, there was someone who could dodge every bullet fired by his master's men.Three people fell, the remaining two and an older man who had spoken to him earlier.The rest of the two men are now hiding behind the walls and doors of the inner room, which may lead to their leader's core.As soon as he saw their heads pop up, Louzen fired three shots and hit the two straight away. And now only a middle-aged man is hiding
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What the hell!
Louzen thought that if there were a sharp weapon like a knife that could be used, it would be more practical. Since he was used to using that weapon instead of a gun, that was just wishful thinking. In this world, there was no such thing as a coincidence like the main character, who always got a miracle every time of urgency. Now what was more important was how to fight the person in front of him. By relying on his declining skills and the three bullets he had left, Louzen should be able to attack and subvert the older man. Frederick's position was still the same, and he stood in the open as if he was luring Louzen out. It took a while for Louzen to survey the battlefield. If he wanted to kill Frederick in one strike, he had to find the right moment and ensure no enemies were hiding in places he didn't know about. Five minutes in, Louzen had already confirmed that several of Frederick's subordinates were ready to attack him from the rear, which was advantageous from his current po
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Get many benefits
Louzen felt dizziness in his head. He massaged his forehead while digesting what had happened. Looking back at all the things that happened to him, there was a possibility that the person who predicted this incident was also deliberately holding that woman. Isn't that right? Tired of thinking about uncertain things, Louzen sat down on the sofa. He threw Frederick's corpse beside him in a random direction. After sitting for a while, he was able to think again. His two subordinate men were still faithfully kneeling, which did not make him comfortable. "Stand up! I don't like seeing people kneeling in front of me." Louzen ordered. The two subordinates stood up and did nothing. Just statue-like silence and lowered heads as if waiting for the following order. "Okay, I'll follow the game of the person behind the scenes. Since I am your master, can you release the woman forcibly brought here?" Asked Louzen while stretching his body. His hands were stretched out on the sofa, with his bac
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Naughty kiss
"What do you mean, sir? We don't know you since this is our first meeting. But if that's what you say, we'll believe it." Dereck replied without any hesitation."It's true what Dereck said. I will also believe it if that's what you say.""Thank you for listening to my nonsense. In the future, I will trouble you to learn more about this kingdom. Oh yeah, I don't know the name of this kingdom yet. And what continent are we on?""Answer, sir. We are on the Euther Continent, Megan's Kingdom. The Euther Continent itself is divided into three major countries and two kingdoms. The neighbors of Megan Kingdom are Broughton Country in the south, Eastbourne Country in the east, and Landbridge in the southwest. The Megan Kingdom is on the west, and the Northford Kingdom is on the continent's north.""Regarding the slaves in the dungeon, where did you get them from?""The slaves were obtained from people who had problems with Lord Frederick. Some were in debt, enemies who tried to attack, and some
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