Chapter 1616 Just Get Away From Me

Jock is at Rocha Constructions finishing his resignation with HR. After that, he goes to Alfred's office to say goodbye.

“Mr. Paterson, you deserve to know as Head of Engineering that I will no longer be on any construction teams,” Jock announces.

“Are you sure about that, Jock?” Alfred asks calmly.

“Yeah. I am filling the vacancy of someone who needs to work as a bricklayer. I decided to stay as a model.”

“I saw your double-page picture in this week's issue of Maggiezine.” Alfred winks.

Jock blushes slightly. They convinced the newbie to dare in that photo which did not go unnoticed even among men.

After hugs and goodbyes, Jock is leaving and finds Katherine working at the desk. She was attending someone.

“I will forward your call to the responsible department.” Katherine sees Jock and is temporarily petrified, forgetting to forward the call.

“Hello, Kate.” Jock smiles at her, friendly.

Katherine wakes up from the memory of the centerfold and transfers the call. Then, she straightens
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