Chapter 1625 Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best

Uélton searches until he finds Wallace depositing bricks in a corner of the construction site.

“Wallace, we need to talk urgently,” Uélton speaks sharply.

Wallace straightens up and is alert, “Uélton, if we're going to fight, we'd better wait for the time to finish our work time.”

“I hope you were satisfied.” Uélton continues, “My son saw the barrel of a revolver because of you.”

Wallace narrows his eyes, “What did you say?”

“Our father showed up at my house because you gossiped about me.” Uélton feels entitled to play the victim, “He showed up with the revolver he bought and pointed it at my forehead. If it weren't for Reuben begging his grandfather, I'd be dead right now.”

Wallace is unfazed, “As I know your tongue, I know it wasn't exactly like that. I know that Dad leaves the house with the gun in his pocket.”

“So there, I'm not lying!” Uélton yells.

“You lie when you say it's not your fault.” Wallace smiles slightly, “Did I gossip? Did you have the nerve to tell our father that y
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