Chapter 1626 I Confirm the Story

At the construction site, Simeon finds Uélton outside, frowning, constantly blowing a cup of coffee, and leaning against the wall, looking at the horizon.

He decides to get closer to find out what's going on, “Do you intend to drink this coffee one day?”

Uélton seems to have woken up from a daydream and drinks his coffee in one gulp, “Excuse me, Simeon. I’ll go back to work. I just needed a little break.”

“Hey, I'm not scolding you at all.” Simeon smiles kindly, “I hope I can be of some help.”

“Are you aware that my father held a gun to my forehead with my family witnessing it all?” Uélton informs him dramatically.

Simeon is startled, “What? Why did Harold do this?”

“He wants me to love and forgive Wally.” The nickname came out of Uélton's mouth with contempt.

“And don't you love and forgive Wallace?” Simeon crosses his arms.

“Simeon, I thought you were going to take my side.” Uélton whimpers, “I better get back to work.”

Uélton moves away from Simeon who had to stop the words on his
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