Chapter 1624 Bad References

Josias appears at Teodoro's building, looking around and feeling nostalgic just like Beto. Now the radio is playing “You Learn” by Alanis Morissette.

“So, how are the preparations for the replacement going?” He claps his hands, “Oh, no need to worry. Katherine got five houses and two apartments for you to choose from with Gomes Real Estate Agency.”

Cristina and Moacyr burst out laughing while Carmen is startled.

“Son, you didn't need so much exaggeration.” Moacyr thanks him.

“I just want to help.” Josias apologizes as a child caught in mischief.

“That's why Tiago is your fan,” Carmen comments with a smile.

Cristina takes Carmen's notebook, “We're thinking about appointments to replace us. Beto assured us that Teresa is willing to manage the place. And they are moving into our apartment.”

“It was his father's apartment.” Josias comments.

“Anyway, it's good that things are falling into place.” Moacyr sighs looking around, “I'm going to miss it here.”

“I hope that at my wedding you are o
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