Chapter 1648 The Girlfriend or the Son

Kelvin, Melissa, and Frederick are next to sample the cocktails prepared by Diane. Diane has her hand on her heart, hoping to please everyone.

And the reaction is as favorable as possible. Between exclamations of 'Hmm' and 'Ooh', the doses were approved.

“Diane, you have become a successful bartender!” Melissa praises her, “The mix turned out great!”

“The one who suffered was my boyfriend, proving the first attempts that were horrible.” Diane mockingly talks about herself.

Daryl hugs Diane from behind proudly, “I didn't mind, honey. It's part of the learning.”

“Now we have other drinks, like caipirinha.” Diane rubs her hands together, ready to learn more drinks.

Melissa turns to Kelvin, “Veronica went to celebrate with Jack Motta his entry into the soap opera. Soon, the first recordings will begin.”

“I'm getting so curious that I'll be watching your show, dear.” Kelvin jokes and everyone laughs.

“But not everything is flowers in this life.” Daryl is suddenly serious, “Mom just got out
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