Chapter 1647 Tired of Fighting

Maggie is prepared for yet another showdown between her and her mother. Perhaps this is the last.

“Mother, how did you get in? You know very well that you’re forbidden to enter.”

“Really?” Shirley scoffs, “Looks like the new gatekeepers at the entrance aren't aware of the ban.”

“Then I will update them under threat of dismissal.” Maggie points her index finger, “Now you can leave.”

“Did you not hear a word I said?” Shirley closes the office door with a bang, “You're not gonna win this war. I was fired from Rocha Constructions for not wanting to acknowledge that I am to blame for something I am not.”

Maggie is surprised by her mother's lip service, “Aren't you to blame?”

“I said the truth. You are a whore. Always was and always will be. You snared Bernie when you found out he had money to spare. You concealed your whoredom and rose as a respectable lady and dame of society. You got pregnant by another guy to tell your deluded client that he's Henrique's father.”

Maggie, however, sits i
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